Limited Edition Squares

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Kodis Pink pony Party

Kodis' Pink Pony Party Square

A delicious treat is as lovely and unique as it’s pony loving namesake! This fantastic Square was inspired by a girl who’s bright and shining personality is perfectly emulated in the sweetness of this square and the joy that it brings! With a crispy rice base, flavored with sweet, sticky pink cotton candy and topped with the most dazzling pink, purple and blue sprinkles.  This square will leave you beaming, sparkling, and wanting your own Pink Pony Party! 

Pumpkin Krumble

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Square

One bite and you’ll be sure to fall for this truly incredible Vegan Pumpkin Square! Made completely vegan you are still guaranteed to experience the intense fall flavors and deliciously moist texture of your favorite classic pumpkin bread! Topped with yummy pepitas for an added texture and crunch. This Pumpkin Spice Square will be sure to have you carving out some time to enjoy it!!

Photos By Greg Bauman Photography